Informational Websites

The National Center for Learning Disabilities (NCLD)

  • NCLD is an organization that seeks to promote the success of students with learning disability through providing informative resources for students, assistance for parents, and instructional strategies for teachers. The site contains a variety of information on different types of learning disability and strategies for student success from preschool into adulthood.

LD Online

  • LD Online is an internationally known website that provides assistance and authoritative information on learning disability. LD Online offers a general overview of the various types of learning disability and numerous resources for parents and teachers of students with learning disability. Additionally, the website seeks to help students with learning disability through offering student resources, including helpful articles on students’ transition into higher education and the workplace.

MedlinePlus: Learning Disorders – U.S. National Library of Medicine/National Institute of Health

  • MedlinePlus provides an overview of learning disorders, new stories, diagnoses, treatment options, and other related information. The web page also lists informative links to other websites for students with learning disability and their parents or guardians.