CS3LD Research

Comprehensive Support for STEM Students with Learning Disability (CS3LD) is a project researching the development, refinement, and implementation of a multi-level model of support for undergraduate students with learning disability (LD) in the STEM fields of science, technology, engineering, math and social, behavioral and economic sciences. The CS3LD model is designed to address personal, interpersonal and institutional level factors, using a cross-campus approach to facilitate institutional level change, while simultaneously creating opportunities for individual and interpersonal support in areas related to academics and health.  Testing of the CS3LD model began in 2013, and through utilization of a Continuous Improvement Model, CS3LD activities have evolved, and will continue to evolve in refining the CS3LD’s  multi-level model of academic and health support for students with LD.

The CS3LD members are actively involved in the dissemination of CS3LD research findings.  Please use the links in the Conference Presentations  and Publications tabs to learn more about the CS3LD research.